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Visual Field Testing for Glaucoma and Other Eye ... - About Vision
Visual field tests can detect central and peripheral vision problems caused by . A patient undergoes visual field testing with a Humphrey Field Analyzer (HFA), .


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COS - Vision standards for driving in Canada
It is recommended that visual acuity be assessed using a Snellen chart or . The Esterman Functional Vision Test on the Humphrey Visual Field Analyzer or .

Eye Exam and tests for Glaucoma diagnosis
When we test vision on an eye-chart , only the central vision gets tested. . Automated (computerized) field analyzers, such as the Humphrey or the Octopus .



Lighthouse International - Social Security Administration: Definition ...
Home > About Low Vision & Blindness > Social Security Administration: . Therefore, for automated static threshold tests performed on Humphrey Field . For visual acuity testing, the criteria changed because most test charts that use Snellen .


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Visual Standards for Driving
the minimum visual field for safe driving is a field of vision of at least 120o on the . other central visual field tests such as the Humphrey 24-2 threshold tests .


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Eye - Detection of visual field defects in patients after anterior ...
Perimetry consisted of monocular Humphrey Field Analyser (HFA) 30–2 test and a . 'The minimum field of vision for safe driving is defined as a field of at least 120° on . defect and, in these circumstances, central charts should be undertaken.

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What is a low vision examination? | VisionAWARE
If you are suffering from one or more low vision eye disease such as macular . In a low vision examination, your doctor will use special low vision eye charts that . field analyzer, such as the Humphrey, or a non-computerized visual field test, .

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Visual field test - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
A visual field test is an eye examination that can detect dysfunction in central and peripheral vision which may be caused by various medical . screen exam, Automated perimetry exam, Goldmann visual field exam, or Humphrey field exam .

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